Juice Plus

11174879_876527309079290_6652706911885789936_n Many people have written me over the past year to ask for my opinion on Juice Plus. I figured I might as well write a short blog post to explain my thoughts and refer people to in the future. In short, my opinion is that you should not waste your money and should simply add more fruits and veggies into your weekly trip to the grocery store.

Studies of Juice Plus’ effects have very controversial results because the only studies that have been done supporting their claims were sponsored by Juice Plus. Critics have argued that there is no true scientific proof to its many health claims. Three studies which included chemical analysis have indicated nutrient amounts that differ from what is on the product label. Several claims have been filed with the FDA and Better Business Bureau which have made them discontinue certain product lines. Consumer watchdog organizations and government agencies have actually disputed the claims and according to Quackwatch it is “a colossal waste of money”. If you check Juice Plus on Wikipedia and MLMwatch there are several research studies listed proving JuicePlus is not effective.

Concerns have been raised that the nutrients aren’t even bioavailable which means the human body cannot absorb them. There have been a few studies showing adverse health problems caused by JuicePlus but it seems that the most harm is done to your wallet, not your body. I wish people would realize there is no quick fix or magic pill. Fruits and vegetables are delicious and made for our bodies to digest and absorb their nutrients – eat lots of them. Forget the diet and live a lifestyle of abundance. You can eat as much as you want and not even worry about the calories!


Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

I have been suffering from a bit of jet lag so I created a nice little bedtime practice to get me relaxed and focus my mind on the important things.

Inhale, I calm my body.
Exhale, I smile because I am grateful for….

Each exhale you have to create gratitude for something different until you fall asleep. Pretty simple practice but I thought I would share. You could also set your alarm 5 minutes early and start your day this way too.

My Time At The Ashram

I had two purposes for spending the last two months at a yoga ashram. One was to do karma yoga (selfless service) and the second was to use my free time to focus on my business planning, blogs, social media, and all those lovely things. I definitely achieved my number one purpose and helped in the kitchen every day from 4:30am-11:45am. I really enjoyed helping out and the people I got to meet and work with along the way. I enjoyed the friends I was making so much that my free time was spent going to the gym, doing yoga, and hanging out with them on the beach or going on an adventure. No work was done, absolutely zero. So I started the Spiritual GPS blog before I got there thinking that I would be on top of it the whole time I was there with even more spiritual insight and instead lost it completely. I had a hint of guilt but at the same time knew I was doing what was in my best interest and following my own spiritual gps. Now I am at my new contract in Morocco and ready to get back in touch with the online world! I guess my only message here is make sure you listen to your own GPS and forget the “to-do” list. What do you need to feel good about yourself before your head hits the pillow tonight?