Studio Review: Lyfe Cycle

IMAG0279Today I decided to stay local and try out a spin studio in my neighborhood with the added challenge of running to and from the studio. The mile and a half run was a great warm-up but I was pretty beat on the way home!

Lyfe Cycle is a small studio with 16 Schwinn bikes that have monitors so you can track your RPM’s, mileage, time and calories. The studio had a feminine vibe about it – not to say that men wouldn’t be welcome. There are no mirrors, it is pretty dark, and you definitely can zone out into your own world without judgment. They offered complimentary lavender towels to refresh and cool down at the end of the ride.

I definitely felt like I got a much better workout here than at Turnstyle. The instructor was awesome. She had great energy, put together a well structured ride, gave us cues on form, and had the music and microphone at just the right volumes so you could clearly hear all instructions.

She added in the “choreography” that I hate with push ups on the handlebars and standing crunches but told us we didn’t have to do anything we didn’t feel comfortable with. I tried one set of the push ups but I really felt that my legs were going so fast and keeping my core engaged and shoulders pulled down made it pretty difficult to get much out of the push ups. I don’t go to a spin class for an upper body workout, I go for the cardio. I think it would be much more effective to do a set of push ups and crunches before and after class than to do it on the bike with your legs spinning away. I looked around the room to check out the form during push ups and although there was no head banging there was pigeon head. I am not sure you will understand what I mean but a pigeons head bobs back and forth which is what happens when any one with rounded shoulders or forward head posture tries to do a push up on a spin bike. I even see it at the gym when people are using the eliptical. I’m not sure what has changed since I got certified but none of these moves used to be allowed because of the risk for injury. I still think it is for entertainment value so people don’t get bored. I felt very comfortable doing my own variations during the periods of choreography though.

Overall I thought Lyfe Cycle was great! It was the best spin class I have been to in a long time and I will definitely be back.


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