Studio Review: Cyc

This class reminded me of the TV show “Psych”. I felt like they were subliminally saying that although we thought we were going to a cycling class to get our bodies in better shape “cyc” – fooled you – we are going to do stupid things you should never do on a bike to compromise your body and possibly injure you.

It was probably the worst customer service of any of the studios I have visited. The front desk personnel was on the verge of being rude and could definitely not be considered friendly. The instructor was nice though and she seemed to have our best interest at heart.

The bikes were nice and the studio was nicely lit but the bikes were more cramped together than comfortable. The music was decent but it wasn’t memorable. The ride was ridiculous. They had us out of the saddle with only one hand while the other hand was doing rows with a two-pound sandbag. Exactly how much of an upper body workout do you really think you are going to get from rowing two pounds compared to the risk of injury from torquing the body in order to balance while pedaling and rowing. We also sat on the bike and boxed with the sandbags, did bicep curls, front raises, tricep extensions and push ups. Did I feel like I got an upper body workout? No. Did it make the class more interesting? No. Did I feel like I was going to get injured? Yes, which made me stop at certain times and do what I was taught in my certifications. I was the only one not doing the exercises and I suppose because the studio lighting was a bit brighter than others this time I felt a bit guilty.

I honestly don’t really understand this trend in spinning. The traditional spin certification teaches us that all these moves are unsafe and unacceptable. If you want a cardio workout go to a spin class, if you want a total body and cardio workout then go to a boot camp class. I looked around at people’s form during the exercises and it was horrific. I wanted to take a video sooooo badly. I think there is more than one reason that cell phones aren’t allowed in the room.


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