Studio Review: REPS Fitness Studio

This morning I signed up for a 30-minute spin followed by 30-minutes of abs in hopes I wouldn’t get stuck with an instructor trying to squeeze in an entire muscle conditioning class on a spin bike. Sadly, I was disappointed and found another studio I won’t be coming back to. This journey with Class Pass is definitely helping me eliminate a lot of studio options!

I was greeted by the instructor as I arrived and she was friendly and helpful but the first issue for me was the model of spin bikes. I really don’t enjoy LeMond spin bikes. I feel like the set-up is a little funny, the resistance never feels quite right, and the pedals have jagged edges that destroy your sneakers and cut into the arches of your feet if you are not wearing cycling shoes. This is probably the main reason I will not revisit this studio. You could be a spectacular instructor but the bikes ruin it for me personally.

The instructor seemed “new” to me. I felt like she might not be very experienced for a variety of reasons. She did cue proper form but she counted a lot, used the same verbal cues over and over, the same “motivational” cues over and over which mainly consisted of saying “dig” to the beat of the music.

  • There was an entire song that she counted from 1 to 20 and then 1 to 10 and repeated that for the entire song. Her monotone counting drowned out the actual great beat of the music. Once I noticed I worked harder when I ignored her and went to the beat of the music.
  • When she told us to get out of the saddle and sprint for two minutes it was another sign of inexperience. The maximum amount of time the average person can sprint is approximately 30 seconds before the body switches over to a different energy system and physiologically has to slow down.
  • The last song was slow and she had us finish with a sprint which was poor playlist planning.
  • She never told us what level we should be working at and instead told us to add half turns and full turns. Resistance on every bike is different depending on the wear and tear of the brake/resistance pads so adding turns on is not the best approach. She barely had any resistance on while I was climbing the steepest hill – it would have been nice to say whether we were on a flat road, windy, climbing, etc.

Between the bikes and the instructor I noticed myself checking the clock three different times hoping the thirty minute bike portion would be over soon. The core workout was okay. She basically repeated the same four exercises for thirty minutes and threw in about three other exercises. There was a lot in the plank position and she kept telling us to keep our butts up…the opposite of where you want it to be so that seemed quite strange to me. She didn’t use very many form cues during the abs and when I looked around peoples form was terrible and could have used either adjustment or cues to help.

All in all, I won’t be back. This is starting to become a trend in Boston spin studios! I have been using Class Pass for a week and I think by the end of the month I may be able to pick just one studio I actually want to join.


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