Studio Review: The Handle Bar

the-handle-bar-spin-studio-bostonThis is one more studio I won’t bother visiting again. The studio is nicely designed and pretty, the bikes were great, the spin shoes were old (mine had a hole in the toe), and the lighting and sound are good. Essentially it has the makings to be a great studio so it all comes down to the instructor.

I honestly don’t think I am the only one that does this but when an instructor walks in the room I definitely “check her out”. I want to look at her body to get a glimpse at what this workout may effect aesthetically and see if she is a role model of the lifestyle. Upon first glimpse all I see is terrible posture. She has severely rounded shoulders and forward head which is very common in cyclists with poor form. I know I definitely made a judgement at that point that this may not be the best workout. The workout began and it was filled with all the “choreographed” bike moves that aren’t actually supposed to be done on a bike and the disappointment began. Most studios I have felt comfortable modifying and not doing these moves that I know are horrible for posture and can cause injuries. At The Handle Bar I was the only one not doing them and it made me feel a bit awkward. The other thing that bothered me was the instructor taught by telling you to add a half turn of resistance onto the wheel. This is a terrible method of teaching because each bikes brake pads are different and each client has a different level of basic leg strength so I never really knew what level I should be working at.

Between the music, the instructor, and the workout there was just nothing special here. I could try going back with a different instructor but I just don’t feel the need for a second chance.


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