So many people get into the fitness world and become absolute addicts. In a way, this is beautiful! They have found a passion, perhaps an outlet for their stress, a way to boost their self confidence, a fine-tuned routine, and are improving their bodies and lives. But I also see this obsession become unhealthy when they feel guilt for missing a workout, shame when they cheat on their diet, and so obsessed with their physical body that it consumes them and they are continually unsatisfied. I see how much energy and effort they put into their workout routines and meal prep and wonder what would happen if they put that energy into making the world around them a better place. This blog is an effort to combine the two. I want to provide you with quick workouts, simple and healthy recipes, stretches to balance your body, and motivation to drive you while being grateful for all you have and where you are at in the present moment.

I deeply believe Gandhi was right when he said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” By being the best version of yourself you automatically make the world a better place. I believe the best version of yourself is not a perfect body, it is a beautiful soul.