Services provided in the Boston area.

In-home Personal Training
Helping people achieve their fitness goals at home whether you are interested in a private yoga class, weight lifting, injury rehab, weight loss, or need help developing your own routine. $90/hour, $800 for twelve sessions

Small Group Training
Have a few friends that want to get together for their own private yoga class or boot camp class? You can split the rate, keep each other accountable, and develop friendships and wellness together.

Thai Yoga Massage
It’s like a yoga dream! Lie back and relax while you get stretched and massaged. This is the quickest way to increase your flexibility and will also improve your circulation, boost your energy, and increase your overall sense of well-being. This is done fully clothed on a mat without oil. $90/hour, $120/ 90-minutes, $220/ 3-hours

Thai Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage
This is a relaxing massage done with heated oil that blends Swedish and Thai techniques. $90/hour, $120/ 90-minutes

Meal Preparation & Cooking Lessons
The most challenging part of getting in shape or improving your health is eating right. If your doctor has recommended going vegan or gluten free but you feel lost in the kitchen you can book a two-hour lesson to learn recipes to suit your taste buds and needs. You can also get your meals prepared for you to help you stick to a nutrition plan. Two-hour lesson $150